Just thought I'd post a little note here.   I just ran across this web site.

I have owned two Patrols in the past, a 66 and a 67.

The 66 was a rag top and the 67 was a hard top. I wish I still had either of them now.  

Nice to know there are still Patrol enthusiasts out there.    

A little story:
   The 67 I was in near perfect condition when we bought it. On a return trip from skiing in central Oregon, back in 1977, running at about 35mph, I hit some ice and rolled it off the highway. The rig bounced end over end 3-4 time and finally rolled to rest on the drivers side. There were three of us in the front seat (it had no seat belts) and only I, the driver, was injured, no big deal, just a gash on my head, possibly from the sled in the back. After the accident, both fenders were destroyed, the windshield was all broken and punched out on the corners, the tailgate doors were trashed and bent open, the front seat was bent back and flat and the roof was crunched somewhat. However, it started right up and still drove just fine. We drove it home, 150+ miles in that condition, in a blizzard I might add. It took us about 7-8 hours to get home and it felt like we'd just returned from the Himalayas or something.

Amazingly, I managed to find an entire body in a wrecking yard and simply swapped out all the damaged parts for good ones. We repaired and repainted it and drove that rig all over the country for the next several years.

As I mentioned, I wish I still had one. We ended up selling it when we had to "grow up", with kids and all. I'm sure you all know this but while I had mine I found Chev 235 engine parts, like points and rotors, generally fit and worked well. Mine had the water tight ignition set up, snorkel and all, so we could and did drive it through streams up to 2+ feet deep.

Keep up the good work ya'll.

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